Gewinner der Karl Max von Bauernfeind-Medaille 2016
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Gloria Coates

is a composer and musicologist. She has written articles for Die Musik Forschung and Musica, produced music programs for the WDR Cologne and Radio Bremen, and founded the music program for the University of Wisconsin International. A pioneer of New Music, she developed a new method of composing using amorphous forms and glissandi. Selected CDs: Naxos, New World, CPO, Tzadik, BIS.

Photo: Simon Leigh

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Juni 2016
Was ist das: Musical Form?

Musical form is the overall structure of a piece of music composed of sound vibrations ordered in time. Form follows content. With early mensural notation and Guido d’Arezzo’s contribution to notation, we began to think and analyze music as two-dimensional. Glancing through history, from the early plainsong… Weiterlesen